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Red Light District Guide

How old are the Prostitutes in the Amsterdam Red Light District

By law, and it is strongly enforced, a prostitute must be at least 18 years of age in order to rent a window in any of Amsterdam’s red light district, so, you can be pretty sure that they all exceed the age of consent in The Netherlands, which is 16 years.

As you walk around, you may be surprised the fairly high number of women in their middle years and beyond. In March of 2013, two70 year oldtwins namedLouise and Martine Fokkens(really!) retired after a combined century in the business, satisfying 355,000 men between them (not literally between, they apparently worked in separate rooms).

The Fokkens twins were apparently the oldest active window prostitutes but you will certainly see plenty of women in the sixties and they charge just as much, if not more, than their younger competitors. This is possible for two reasons:

1. Many men have a thing for olderdames, perhaps due to mummy issues, but do not feel they can pursue that passion in real life; they might be embarrassed about it and it is simply easier to discreetly visit the Red Light District.

2. Most of these older ladies have been in the business for a very long time (50 years each in the case of the Fokkens twins) and, obviously, they build up a lot of regulars in that time. Why stop working if your customers are still willing to pay good money for your service?

3. The Red Light District is an opportunity to try out things you would never usually experience and, in an age-obsessed society, sleeping with a much older women is certainly something that every man should experience at least once. By the way, there’s probably a really fat bird you can try a few windows down too.

4. Can you really tell how old that woman is? Those lights are red for a reason and these professionals certainly know how to make effective use of light, make-up and clothing to make a sale.

5. Anyone working in the sex industry for so many years has probably built up quite a repertoire of tricks, the chances are that the granny you and your mates are so busy laughing about as you pass by is the best shag in the city – you should sneak back later and find out!

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