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Health in Amsterdam – What happens if I get Ill

Health care in Amsterdam is excellent and waiting times for operations is not longas in many other European countries.

Compulsory insurance is required but rates are fixed by law so insurance companies cannot penalise you on the grounds of your age or anything else and by law must insure you.

The Netherlands spends a high proportion of the national income on public health on top of this as not everyone can afford the average rates of Euro 110 a month for the medical insurance.

Amsterdam has several excellent hospitals with emergency care facilities. Those visiting Amsterdam do not require any vaccinations and the tap water is safe to drink.

Emergency Tourist Health Care:

Nothing worse than when on vacation something happens to you. Fear not, Amsterdam has excellent first aid services for tourists and Dutch alike.

Erste Hulp (first Help/Aid) covers non-lifethreatening accidents, broken arm, cut head, etc.

You just arrive up and at the reception and are quickly looked after depending on what is wrong with you.

If you wish to have a doctor visit you call the central service for doctors, dentists and pharmacists on Tel: (0900) 503 2042

A 24-hour chemist is also available but the premises changes weekly so visitors need to check which one is open (tel: (020) 694 8709.

Real Emergencies:Dial 112 for an ambulance or less serious (020) 592 3355 for the Tourist Medical Services, which operate 24 hours a day.

Insurance cover:As health care in Holland is nationalised it is relatively inexpensive and as there are reciprocal health agreements with all other EU countries you can on presentation of a completed form E111 obtain all medical treatment, including hospital care free but prescribed medicines and dental treatment are paid for.

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