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Gay Scene In Amsterdam

Amsterdam Gay – Amsterdam Gay Guide

Amsterdam is not the European gay capital it once was but still has a lot to offer that most cities cannot. The gay scene may not be the biggest in Europe but without dough the only place where gay men can walk openly holding hands or even kiss without anyone calling you names or worse. It’s a real live and let live society in Netherlands which makes Amsterdam the most enlightened and liberal gay city in Europe if not the entire world.

Gay people in the Netherlands enjoy the same benefits as straight people and same-sex marriages are legally recognized just as straight marriages and recent legislation has made it legal for gay and lesbian couples to adopt children.

Gay and lesbian couples in Netherlands won the right to legally marry back in 2000.

Gays can serve in the military, not worry about social or legal discrimination, and generally display affection in public without harassment or of being beaten up. In Order to marry one of the couple must be a Dutch citizen so forget packing your bags unless your partner is Dutch.

Gay tourism is big business in Amsterdam and gay people are not only welcomed with open arms but are officially encouraged by the Amsterdam tourist board.

Gay / Homo Monument

Amsterdam erected the world’s first (maybe only)Gay Monumentto pay honor to persecuted gay men and lesbians around the world. Located at the Westerkerk near the Anne Frank house it is made up of three large pink granite triangles. Fresh flowers are placed daily by people as a mark of respect.

Total nudity is not allowed by the city council as many children are present) The Pride festival goes on the entire weekend and there are many other events which take place also. It’s a very busy time for anything related to being gay so expect all the saunas and gyms to be full of beautiful horny men looking for a good time. Amsterdam is the gay place-to-be on this weekend. August 2nd to 5th every year. The entire city turns gay and the Gay flag fly’s high on many buildings and from many private houses.


Kings day is another must see thing, 1 million Dutch people all dressed in orange.

It’s an amazing day to be in townApril 27th each yearthe annual country-wide public holiday which comprises one of the world’s biggest street parties celebrating the official queen’s birthday.

1 million people find themselves out on the streets every year. It’s an official “free day” so many people set up stalls outside their houses and sell any junk from their houses, others sell food and drink, champagne and strawberries and 1000’s of commercial stalls sell all sorts.

It’s a day like no other. All good-natured celebrations.

There are also plenty of gay and lesbian bashes all over town, after all it’s is Kings day.

Amsterdam Leather Pride

March each year, Amsterdam hosts the Fetish Fantasy Weekend. Several leather parties take place around town. and October it’s time for Amsterdam Leather Pride, one of Europe’s biggest events for those into the leather scene.

Amsterdam is a tiny walkable city and most of the gay venues are located in four main areas all within walking distance of each other.


TheReguliersdwarsstraatis Amsterdam’s main gay street and is full of bars, cafes, one coffeeshop (only gay coffeeshop in Amsterdam) called The Others. During the summer months the street is closed to cars and all the cafes and bars put out large terraces which are great to sit in and watch the boys go by.

Not far fromReguliersdwarsstraat is theAmstelRiver where there are also a number of gay bars, the only lesbian clubYOU 11and an after hours drinking place calledthe Boys clubwhere every one heads for who have not picked up anyone yet. It’s a small one roomed bar located close to Halvemaansteeg. This area attracts a real mix of guys and boys..

Amsterdam’s leather bars and shops are mostly located onWarmoesstraat, close to the red-light district but not actually in it. Most ofAmsterdam’s leather barsare here or close by as are many leather shops selling leather gear and more.

Kerkstraatis one of the oldest gay streets in town is situated near Leidseplein

The Kerkstraat offers several nice cozy gay and gay-friendly cafes, and a few bars,

clubs and the famous Thermos night sauna. The Thermos day sauna is only

around the corner, as one closes the other opens.


Get hold of theAmsterdam gay mapwhich you will find everywhere and lists all the gay places to visit. Have Fun.

Women Bars / Clubs

Even in Amsterdam gay women have not got a lot of choice when it comes to finding exclusively lesbian bars and clubs, until recently that is. Now a days there are several bars but still only 1 night club which is calledYOU 11 but women are welcome at any of the gay places above (unless billed as men only). Places catering lesbians tend to be lower-key than the ones for gay men, but there are a few listed below.

Other Bars include

De Trut (No Web Site)

Gay and lesbian dance party held every Sunday night in a squatters basement. Great place with alternative sounds and cheap drinks. The Trut has become very popular so get there early or you might not get in; doors open at 11pm and close when full. Strictly gay/lesbian.

Non-commercial Lesbian & Gay party attracts younger crowd as well as students.

Located at Bilderdijkstraat 165.Open 11pm-4am Sun.

Vive la Vie

Located at Amstelstraat 7

Another crowded, gay bar but this one caters mainly to a female public (men are welcome though). Lovely Art-Deco style interior. Summer months they have a terrace outside and – lesbian – parties are held regularly throughout the year.

Located at Hazenstraat 19

Phone Mobile 061 401 3143

Open 7 days Mon to Thu 2pm to 1am / Sun 2pm to 1am and Fri/ Sat 2pm to 3am

Amsterdam’s latest all girls bar. Welcome in Sugar, an open minded lesbian bar!

Located at Vijzelstraat 103 (423 1509)

Opens Tue,Thu and Sun 11am to 1am and Fri and Sat 11am to 3am

Reopened after complete renovation. Check website to see what’s happening at Sappho.


Spuistraat 109 Amsterdam

Gay Bar full of trendy gay people.(mixed)

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