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Chatting up Women in Amsterdam Coffee Shops

(Part Three of the [Where to Find Free Sex in Amsterdam] series of articles)

When sampling the city’s nightlife, you will encounter a very high number of foreign women who are either, like yourself, tourists or living and working in Amsterdam for a year or two, mainly for the experience. This segment tends to be mainly in their twenties, often fresh from graduation and, again, this very much distorts the talent pool in favor of men.

If interested in meeting tourists, it might not be a bad idea to hang out in coffee shops. The ones around the Red Light District are particularly geared towards tourists. Being friendly and chatty is not a bad starting point, but be aware that some inexperienced tourists will be on edge, due to the unfamiliarity of the city and the druggy atmosphere that pervades the coffee shops. If they have smoked, they may be very open to conversation but, past a certain point, they are likely to become more inward looking, paranoid and even quite unwell. Hopefully, you will meet people when they are not too stoned and still enjoying the novelty of it all.

Incidentally, a nice relaxing joint beforehand can lead to phenomenally good sex – of course, we should not get ahead of ourselves here but, if you are lucky and your day unfolds in the best possible way, it is worth bearing that tip in mind, there is a good chance that your new friend won’t have experienced stoned love-making before, and she will probably think you are some sort of sex magician.

A good opener, if sitting next to a couple of women you would like to get to know, might be to offer them some of your space cake – most coffee shops sell interesting and often tasty variations on the idea of grass in baked goods. They are expensive but sharing the adventure of trying something new together is undoubtedly a good way to bond with new friends – offer it by saying you might have bought too much and would they like to try some.

One word of warning: be seriously bloody careful about not getting too stoned, especially on space cake, because its effects are less immediate, and it can be surprisingly strong: you might make a great impression on your new female friends, right up until the point you eat the ashtray and throw yourself through the window.

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(Part Threeof the [Where to Find Free Sex in Amsterdam] series of articles)

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