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Chatting Up Women in Amsterdam Bars

(Part Four of the [Where to Find Free Sex in Amsterdam] series of articles)

The bar culture is quite good in Amsterdam, particularly in hot-spot destinations such as Rembrandtplein, where the square is surrounded by bars and the square itself full of open-air tables served by those bars – on an evening with good weather the atmosphere is wonderful and it becomes very natural to circulate among different groups.

Obviously, in bars, it helps to be outgoing, but you have to judge it carefully. Sometimes, bar patrons are only interested in talking to their friends and Dutch women will not be at all shy in telling you to fuck off. Don’t lose heart, however, be encouraged by the fact that most of the people you see around you are in Amsterdam, whether as tourists or living there, because they want to experience life and meet interesting people (I sincerely hope that you are, indeed, interesting).

It is very important, in Amsterdam, to be cool, so, always remain relaxed and never be pushy – the key is to remain friendly but understated. If you seem to be good company, people will often suggest you join them in the next place, usually a music bar that stays open a few hours later than the regular bars. This does not necessarily mean that one of them is sexually interested in you, it is more that people like to move in larger groups as the night progresses. This means you should not be dismayed if a woman you have been paying a lot of attention to, and even buying a lot of drinks for, suddenly starts canoodling with some asshole who has just turned up – that is just how it goes in Amsterdam.

Of course, the flip-side of that is that, as the evening progresses, being in a progressively larger group also makes it easy for you to get chatting to different women, the fact that you are already apparently in a group that includes women will make that far easier for you to meet more. Essentially, go with the momentum and network yourself around in a sociable manner. Don’t worry about chatting anyone up in bar, just be friendly and leave it to the women to make it obvious if they want it to be more than just sociable, at which point, obviously, you stop wandering around and lavish all your attention upon her.

Pro Tip: keep a careful eye on your drinking and, possibly, alternate between alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks in order to remain slightly more sober than the group as a whole. Being a drunk asshole is never a good look but there is one thing that is infinitely worse, in any city in the world: a drunk asshole tourist.

This is just common sense but often overlooked: be aware that the extra energy drain of travel, combined with unfamiliar food and the simple excitement of being in a different environment can all combine to make us more inebriated than we realiSe. The food thing is particularly insidious: European restaurants, particularly those geared towards tourists, tend to use a lot of salt and, if you are not aware of it, you may find your drinking a lot more alcohol than is wise, simply because the salt is making you thirsty.

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