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Amsterdam Guide

Amsterdam Restaurants the good the bad and the inedible

With a restaurant on nearly every corner, you will not have trouble getting something to eat in Amsterdam. Most of the bars also sell food as well as alcohol, but getting something nice to eat is another thing.

Below is a few places which we have tried and would recommend and others we could never go to again.

Restaurants usually include BTW tax (VAT) in the final bill (currently stands at 19.5%). Some also include the service charge of 10–15% but some do not. If your tipping usually 10% is standard if you liked the food, Amsterdammers round up small bills to the nearest € and leave tips on the table rather than include them when paying by credit card.


Places we have tried and liked


Casa Peru

Casa Peru


This little family run place sells great food. Mother and father do the cooking and son and daughter does the serving.

Located atLeidsegracht 68

Phone 020 6203749



Kantjil en de Tijger (The Deer and the Tiger)

Kantjil en de Tijger Amsterdam
Kantjil en de Tijger (The Deer and the Tiger)


This place is usually packed all the time. Not a place to go for an intimate dinner for two as it’s very noisy. Service is relaxed but fairly efficient by Dutch standards. Properly Amsterdam’s most popular Indonesian restaurant.

Located at Spuistraat 291–3

Tel: (020) 620 0994.

Price – main course from €20. Wine from: €15.



Cafe Bern

Cafe Bern
Cafe Bern


Fondue Restaurant.Located on Nieuwmarkt. This place looks like an old bar and not very inviting but inside is a lovely little place and during the summer, you can eat out in the garden. Famous for their fondue dishes. Booking a must as they have very limited space.

Located on Nieuwmarkt square number 9.

Phone 622 00 34 to reserve a table



Supper Club

Supperclub Amsterdam
Supper Club


A visit to the Supper Club is an experience not to be forgotten and not just for the food. At Supper Club, you never know what is going to happen. The staff are amazing also, just watching them is a show in itself. Diners have a choice of meat or non-meat dishes. Under the restaurant is the Supper Club Lounge, a small and amazingly cool bar.

Located Jonge Roelensteeg 21 (hard to find little alleyway) close to the back of the Royal Palace on Dam square.

Tel: (020) 344 6400.

Price: €65 (five-courses). all drinks extra.



Gusto’s Italian Restaurant

Gusto Amsterdam
Gusto’s Italian Restaurant


Located just off Nieuwmarkt square, this place does very good food. NO Pizzas here, just real Italian food served in nice surroundings. Excellent service and attention to detail. Run by a husband and wife team which is usually a good sign.

Main Courses from Euro 14. Wine Euro 20 to Euro 50

Kloveniersburgwal number 7, just off Nieuwmarkt square.



Green Planet Organic Restaurant

Green Planet Amsterdam
Green Planet Amsterdam

Vegetarian food for everybody!

Spuistraat 122 (behind Magna Plaza)

Monday – Saturday 17.30 – 24.00



Shiva Indian Restaurant

Shiva Indian Restaurant
Shiva Indian Restaurant


Located on Amsterdam’s main gay street, this medium-sized restaurant serves top class food. The ideal place for a quite or romantic meal with your lover.

Open 7 days a week.

Located Reguliersdwarsstrraat 72 (back of Flower Market)

Phone 020 6248713


Cafe Beeren

Van Beeren
Cafe Beeren


The restaurant which serves excellent food, international dishes, fish chicken etc. Not suitable for vegetarians as it’s all meat(Meat is Murder, Turn Veggie)

Located at Koningstraat (King Street), off Nieuwmarkt (Last buildings on right-hand side of street, walking from Nieuwmarkt)

Famous places in Amsterdam featured in most of the guide books.


De Silveren Spiegel:

De Silveren Spiegel
De Silveren Spiegel


Fish is the speciality of the house in this intimate restaurant is located close to Centraal Station.

Located at Kattengatt 4–6

Phone 624 6589.

Around €45 main course from / Wine from: €25.



Excelsior: The Excelsior is the restaurant located in the 5 ***** Hotel de l’Europe.

Excelsior: The Excelsior is the restaurant located in the 5 ***** Hotel de l’Europe


This elegant premises overlooks the canal but very close to the water giving you the feeling that your actually dining on the water. You should request a window table so as to enjoy the view.

Phone 531 1777.

Price: Main course from €70. Wine from: €30.




Wagamama Amsterdam
Wagamama Amsterdam


This place is a huge success story. This communal seating place (not everyone’s cup of tea) serves large bowls of very tasty noodles. Not the type of place to go for a quite dinner for two.

Located at Max Eeuweplein 10

Tel: (020) 528 7778.

Price: €25. Wine: €12.



La Rive


Located in the most expensive hotel in town, this 2 star Michelin award-winning restaurant is about as good as it gets. Everything about this place is superb. Not cheap. It’s run by one of the top chefs in all the Netherlands.

Phone 020 6226060.

Price:Main course from €80. Wine from Euro: €35.

Please note that the dress code of Restaurant La Rive is casual chic.



Le Ciel Bleu

Ciel Bleu
Ciel Bleu Amsterdam 


This place is located in the Okura Hotel and offers diners the top-notch French cuisine.

Located at Ferdinand Bolstraat 333

Phone 678 7111.

Price: Main course from €60. Win from: €25.



Het Tuynhuys

Het-Tuynhuys Amsterdam
Het-Tuynhuys Amsterdam


Het Tuynhuys (English -,The Garden House) offers a selection of European dishes and an outstanding wine list.

Located at Reguliersdwarsstraat 28

Phone 627 6603.

Price: Main course from €45. Wine: €17.



Vis aan de Schelde

Vis aan de Schelde
Vis aan de Schelde


Many people claim this to be the best place for a fish dinner in all Amsterdam.

Located at Scheldeplein 4

Phone 675 1583.

Price main course from €50. Wine: €20.



Café de Jaren: Café de Jaren “Grand Cafe” has been named Best in Holland.

This very large spacious Café is famous for its amazing terrace where you can tie your boat up outside and go in for a drink. One problem I had with this place was trying to pay. You can easily get up and walk out without paying.

Located at Nieuwe Doelenstraat 20–22

Phone 625 5771.


Price: €25. Wine: €15.



Christophe: Run by the owner and Chef Jean-Christophe a Michelin star winner. This place is famous for his French style food with a dash of US and Asian influences.

Located at Leliegracht 46

Phone 625 0807.

Around €75. Wine from €30.



De Keuken van 1870: (Kitchen from 1870) This large premises was a famous soup kitchen which opened in 1870 but just a few years back was due to close down but was saved and still, today is serving as it always did large platefuls of basic Dutch food. Seating is communal. The food consists of traditional Dutch staples like stamppot (a Dutch style stew) among others.

Located at Spuistraat 4

Tel: (020) 624 8965.

Price: €15. Wine: €10.



Pancake Bakery is a large place that has made all the guidebooks, but do not do the best pancakes in town, not the day I went anyway. We were served up two pancakes which were totally burnt on the underside. We just paid and left. They do offer a great selection of different pancakes with many different toppings or you can make your own up. I have had better pancakes elsewhere in Amsterdam.

Located at Prinsengracht 191

(020) 625 1333.

Price: €15. Wine: €12.



Café Van Puffelen: A very popular place with sawdust on the floor and a cosy dining area that serves mainly Dutch food. The summer months a boat is moored on the canal outside which doubles as a large outdoor terrace.

Prinsengracht 375–7

Phone 624 6270. Fax:627 6900.


Price: €30. Wine: €15.



De Belhamel: Continental inspired cuisine.

Located at Brouwersgracht 60

Phone 622 1095.

Price: Main course from €45. Wine: €15.


Our Guest Recommendations:

D’Vijff Vlieghen:(The Five Fly’s) This restaurant is featured in all the guidebooks as it’s very famous for traditional Dutch food. The surroundings you dine in are pretty amazing which includes four original etchings by Rembrandt (Really)?

Located at 294–302 Spuistraat

Tel: 624 8369.

Price range: €40. Wine from: €20.


Toscanini: offers excellent authentic Italian cuisine prepared in an open style kitchen.

Located at Lindengracht 75

Tel: (020) 623 2813.


Price: €35. Wine: €15.


Yamazato: Michelin star winner Yamazato brings the best of Japan to Amsterdam,

Located at Ferdinand Bolstraat 333

Tel: (020) 678 7111. Fax: (020) 671 2344.


Price: €70. Wine: €30.


Krua Thai Classic: Properly Amsterdam’s finest Thai restaurant and definitely the most stylish.

Located at Staalstraat 22

Tel: (020) 622 9533.

Price Range: €45. Wine from: €20.


Something a little different maybe 

De Kas -Lots of innocent vegetables ready to be slaughtered so meat can be spared.

A kitchen surrounded by fertile soil where vegetables and herbs thrive … Where daylight shines in from all sides and where the chefs are free to express their creativity daily using the best the season has to offer.

De Kas has its own nursery, where they grow herbs and Mediterranean vegetables in the summer, and various kinds of lettuce in the winter.

They also own land where we grow seasonable vegetables outdoors. In addition to our own produce, they buy fresh ingredients from local organic farmers on a daily basis.

If you want to experience something really different book a seat at the chefs kitchen table and relax with a glass of wine andwatch the madness all around you as a busy kitchen goes into operation.

A great night out guaranteed and Did I forget to mention the Chef has a Michelin star *. Yummy!

De Kas is open

Monday to Friday for lunch and dinner: from 12.00 am – 2.00 pm and from 6.30 pm – 10.00 pm

Saturday for dinner only: from 6.30 pm – 10.00 pm

Closed on Sundays



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