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Amsterdam Public Holidays

Public Holidays. Annual public holidays in Amsterdam.

Most of the Amsterdam public holidays all fall in the first half of the year.

New Year’s Day 1 January

Good Friday Easter (Pasen)

Official public holiday, Shops and banks are closed, some larger stores may be open.

Easter Monday

Official public holiday. Many shops and banks are closed, some larger stores may be open.

Queen’s Day / Koninginnedag 29/ 30 April(sometimes 29th sometimes 30th) depending on the day it falls on.

An official holiday, on which the Queen’s birthday is celebrated. Amsterdam turns into a huge open-air flea market attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors every year mostly dressed in orange Public transport in the city is mostly stopped, trains to and from Central Station are very crowded.

National Liberation Day 5 May

The end of World War 2 is celebrated by the nation. Queen Beatrix attends a Memorial on Dam Square and lays a wreath.

Ascension Day 1 June

Religious Holiday

Whitsuntide 11-12 June

Religious Holiday

Sinterklaas / Santa day December 5

Santa arrives in Amsterdam/ Netherlands

Not a public holiday. ‘Sinterklaas’ is a children’s party at which they get presents. Sinterklaas rides a white horse through the streets but officially lives in Spain and is assisted by black helpers (‘Zwarte Pieten’).

Kerstmis / Christmas 25-26 December

Netherlands has 2 Christmas days known as first and second Christmas Day and both official holidays. Banks and shops are closed. Some restaurants can be found open. A limited public transport system is in operation

Oudjaarsdag / New Year’s Eve December 31.

Not officially a holiday. Most Shops and offices are open, but may close earlier than usual Public transport stops working between 8 pm and midnight. From midnight, the night buses will operate.

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