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Amsterdam Language – The basics.

The official language of The Netherlands is Dutch and a very hard language to learn, which is spoken by 14 of the 16.5 million people living in the Netherlands, Turkish, Moroccans and English speakers make up the remainder. In Belgium, nearly 6 million people speak Dutch, mostly located in Flanders.

English is the second language and is widely spoken especially in Amsterdam as it is now taught in schools from junior school. Many people also speak German and some French.

The Dutch language unlike the French or German use a lot of English words and have not bothered to invent new words to replace modern English like computer, internet and such like.

Below are some useful basic Dutch words and phrases you will likely encounter during a stay in Amsterdam. The English translation is also prvided which you can practice before you arrive.

Do you speak English? – Spreekt u Engels?

I don’t understand – Ik begrijp het niet

Yes – Ja

No – Nee

Hello – Hallo

Goodbye – Tot ziens

Please – alstublieft

Thank you – Dank U wel

My name is … – Min name is … / IK heet …

How much does it cost? – Hoeveel kost het?

Where is …? – Waar is …?

Danger – Gevaar

Toilets – Toiletten / WC

Doctor – Dokter

Hotel – Hotel

Restaurant – Restaurant

Entrance – Ingang

Exit – Uitgang

Beer – Bier

Wine – Wijn

Menu – Menu

How are you? – Hoe gaat Het?

I’m very well – Met mij gaat het goed

I feel ill – Ik voel me ziek

Open – Geopend

Closed – Gesloten

Today – Vandaag

Tomorrow – Morgen

Monday – Maandag

Tuesday – Dinsdag

Wednesday – Woensdag

Thursday – Donderdag

Friday – Vrijdag

Saturday – Zaterdag

Sunday – Zondag

One – Een

Two – Twee

Three – Drie

Four – Vier

Five – Vijf

Six – Zes

Seven – Zeven

Eight – Acht

Nine – Negen

Ten – Tien

Twenty – Twintig

Thirty – Dertig

Forty – Veertig

Fifty – Vijftig

Sixty – Zestig

Seventy – Zeventig

Eighty – Tachtig

Ninety – Negentig

One Hundred – Hunderd

One Thousand – Duizend

You can use to learn some more Dutch before you arrive.

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