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Amsterdam Guide

Amsterdam Did you know? Test your knowledge

Below are a few interesting facts about Amsterdam and the Netherlands.


Amsterdam has over 1 million bikes but only 700.000 Amsterdammers


When you land at Schiphol Airport, you are four meters below sea level.


The Netherlands has more than 4,000 km of navigable rivers, lakes and canals.


Witness how Holland wages war against the sea all the time, visit Neeltje Jan’s in Zeeland and see for yourself. The story of the boy who stuck his finger in the hole in the Dyke to stop Netherlands from flooding.


Amsterdam has over 300 coffee shops which can legally sell up to 5 grams of soft drugs to each person aged over 18.


The name Amsterdam comes from the combination of the river Amstel and the Dam that was originally when the Dam Squares stands today.


You might know the name Amstel as it’s a well know beer, but it got its name as it was brewed locally on the Amstel river in Amsterdam.


Amsterdam boasts more museums of any city in the world, measured per square meters.With over 70 major well know museums in Netherlands of which over 40 are in Amsterdam.


They cover every sort of weird and wonderful topic, from famous painters to museums on the history of sex and marijuana


The Dutch people are the tallest in all Europe and second tallest in the world.(and the best looking)


Amsterdam has 70 glass-topped canal boats.


The Dutch are the world experts on keeping back the water/sea from overrunning their country and turning it into another Atlantis. During the hurricane Katrina disaster, it was the Dutch the USA government turned to for help on how to repair the leeves in New Orleans.


If global warming causes the sea levels to rise even a little, it could be bye bye Amsterdam. Being well below sea level Amsterdam will be one of the first cities to get flooded, in fact, the entire Netherlands could well vanish.


The Van Gogh collections in the Van Gogh Museum and the Kröller-Müller Museum are the largest in the world.


Visiting the Amsterdam parliament building could prove difficult as there isn’t one. Even though, Amsterdam is the largest city in the Netherlands and is officially the capital it does not hold the parliament as all of the government functions take place at the Hague.


Amsterdam has a houseboat known as the Poezenboot, which acts as a house for stray cats. A woman who had been re-housing stray cats had the idea of getting them a houseboat – after all if people can live in them, why not cats? Now gone, the idea lives on as volunteers now look after a boat full of cats.


The world famous Koh-I-Noor diamond was cut in Amsterdam.


75% of the entire worlds flower bulb production comes from Netherlands


Over 70% of the bacon produced (poor pigs) comes from the Netherlands


The International Court of Justice and the International Criminal Court are both in The Hague.


Holland has around a thousand original still working windmills.


Netherlands is the third largest exporter of agricultural products in the world even though just three percent of the Dutch population are employed in this sector. (Tulips I guess)


Holland has over 15,000 km of bicycle lanes.


Flevoland, the Netherlands twelfth province was reclaimed from the south sea which started in 1986.


Amsterdam is built entirely on piles; huge stakes driven into the ground.Central station has 6000 of them keeping it up.


Holland always has a coalition government, so it’s a country of compromise and tolerance.


Every Dutch person has at least one bike, and there are twice as many bikes as cars.


Holland was one of the six founding members of the European Union.


Holland’s highest point is 323 meters above sea level which makes it their highest mountain.


Most Dutch people speak at least one foreign language as well as Dutch and English.


Rotterdam, once the world’s largest port has now dropped to second place, so it’s the second largest port in the world.


Holland and the Netherlands are the same country.


A quarter of the Netherlands is below sea level.


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